Personality, Intelligence and Professional Orientation Test

A. Personality test

These tests examine:

  • The way with which the individual sees himself (self-esteem)personality tests
  • The way with which the individual thinks the others see him
  • The sentiments that are caused by the opinion he has with regard to how the others see him
  • These tests investigate the attitude of the individual towards society, family and his personal experiences, as well as the degree of faith in the possibilities that he realises he has. They constitute the more often used and more investigated tool for the evaluation of adult psychology in the world.

B. Intelligence Test

μολυβιMental or Rational intelligence is the intelligence that we use in order to solve problems of strategy or personality_testslogic. The psychologists devised test for their evaluation and classified the individuals in rungs intelligence, depending on the height of Indicator of intelligence (I.Q.).

One current IQ test checks sample of faculties that we consider they relate with intelligence. Provided that it is based in carefully selectively and standardised problems, it constitutes a more scientific and objective method of evaluation of intelligence from the daily observations we can make for an individual.

It is known that for the resolution of problem, we do not only use our whole brain but one specific department, the one that is needed each time depending on the type of the problem. In a similar way, our intelligence is not one, but it is multiform. Thus we divide intelligence in seven types, each of which corresponds in seven different fields of human activity: linguistic verbal, reason-mathematics Music, movement-sensual, intrapersonal, Interpersonal.

 C. Professional Orientation Test

ARISTON test constitutes the most pioneering experienced system of Professional Orientation and investigates:

1. The personality

2. The bents

3. The faculties

4. The dexterities

5. Interests of each individual

Thus it determines that professions that suit as well as the corresponding Departments of Greek educational system (HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS - POLYTECHNIC COLLEGES). Based on the above data, the young person can decide with regard to the study and the profession that he/she will follow, in order to ensure a successful career.

τεστ αριστονARISTON test is addressed in students of High school, Lyceum but also in students that seek specialisation in postgraduate level. Particularly for the students of 3rd class of Lyceum, the results of the test are used as data in the completion of their computer bulletin via the special software Distinguish of study that has been created for this aim. It is obvious that the level of professional development of the individual will definitely depend from the effort that he/she will make as an educated person but also as a worker afterwards.

In every case, ARISTON proposes specific professions that suit in the personality examined, as well as the degree in which each one of them is identified with their individual factors of personality (primary and secondary).

The test is sold via specifically worked out also certified Advisers of our space and it is materialised immediately with the help of the PC, without the mediation of third person, ensuring in this way objective results, while at the same time the answers that are given are checked for their sincerity.


  • It is based on studies and researches more than 30 years, and on international bibliography.
  • It ensures with absolutely scientific way the objectivity and sincerity of the answers (5 degrees of truth).
  • It has very big Indicator of Reliability (99%) and Sample of Evaluation (10.000 young persons).
  • It has been parked according to the Greek data and the Greek educational system.
  • It automatically publishes the professional profile, after plenty of complicated mathematic calculations, comparisons and combinations (850 millions roughly).

Translation by : Sophia Tsirona

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