General Information

Human is the basic motive for the creation of the "Company for Psychotherapy and Special Learning" Anadrassi which is placed in Athens, Greece.

πεταλουδες πανω σε λουλουδια

  • The company was founded in 2003 in the region of Keratsini
  • Afterwards, in the year 2005 was founded the annex of the Company in Moschato
  • The founding members of the Company are Aggeliki Pariou, Psychologist of the Athens University and Group Therapy Analyst and George Mathioudakis professor of Physics Sciences with specialisation in the re-establishment of learning difficulties in Mathematics (dyscalculia).

Below you can see a general picture of basic services that are provided in our company:

Preschool age

In the preschool age we prepare your child in case he/she is facing speech and language disorders.

Special logotherapists deal with matters of childrens' speech and through sessions they can teach ways and methods so that they can pronounce easily words and phrases that they couldn't before. This can ensure them a smooth transition to the school community, as clear speech is an important element of the socialization of a person.

Also the sector of ergotherapy helps the children to develop their kinetic dexterities.

It aims at the improvement of their writing skills but also in the games. The kids have fun with manufacture of craftsmanships and other recreational activities.

Children of public school

In children of public school our services begin with the diagnosis of any learning disabilities that can face a child (dyslexia, discalculia, hypermobility etc), by specifically approved tests that we use.

After the diagnosis, your child can include itself in department of special education in which, through special exercises and other activities, he can improve the way that he engages and perceives knowledge.

All the above services are also accompanied by parents advisory which is very important because the progress of the child depends from the attendance and collaboration of the parents.

Students of High school and Lyceum

Students of High school and Lyceum can include themselves in a program of special education. Also it is provided individual educational support to students that feel that in school they can't achieve their goals despite their great efforts. Specialized professors are next to your child through individualized courses in order to teach them in a special way how to study their courses.

At any age, the re-establishment of oral dysfunctions or learning disabilities may need parallel psychological support. Psychotherapy is very helpful and sometimes essential. In a lot of cases indeed, it can be diagnosed that the difficulties a child or an adolescent might face, require exclusively program of psychotherapy.

We also give children the chance to participate in group analysis programs. Through the contact with other children and under the continuous experts' support, they will have a much easier socialization.

Anadrassi covers all the spectrum of the age-related development of a person. That is the reason why we give the opportunity to adults to begin psychotherapy sessions in case they express this need. Psychotherapy help patients identify their feelings, become aware of the underlying causes of the irrational patterns in their lives and get in touch with their real self.

Psychotherapy may be practiced on a one-to-one basis, or in groups.

Individual psychotherapy

of adults is supplemented with the Team of Analytic type that strengthens with the best possible way the relations between us, giving us the unique possibility of seeing our self through the eyes of the other.

Group psychotherapy is a further step in the conquest of each person's self - knowledge.

All the above activities are also supplemented with the attendance in various activities such as in literary competition of fairy tale, feasts in which the children unfold their artistic talent (e.g. theatrical representations), children's bazaar with disposal of their various attempts at creativity, projections of films or visits in spaces of pedagogic interest.

We certify to you that we do our best in order to improve the provided services in each level, because our aim is to be able to offer you the chance for you and your children to enjoy our most optimal services.

Translation : Tsirona Sophia

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