Speech Therapy


"Communication is one of the more basic needs of a person. "I communicate" it means that I express and exchange sentiments, conditions,thoughts..."

The most characteristic form of communication of a person, apart from special situations, is the oral and written language.

Language has a direct relation with the intelligence, the sentiments and more general with the personality of the person. Speech disorder means disorder in the psychological situation of the person. Individuals with speech disorders cannot use speech properly and cannot communicate (in an era where utilisation of speech is so much vital)

Internet Addiction Disorder

Why are we attracted to the Internet? First of all it brings the world in our homes . This is both good and bad. Everyone uses the Internet for different reasons. Adults for research on the Internet, to send and receive e-mails, and young people for games, music, research, e-mail, chat and communication services and erotic content. It is also an instrument of knowledge and it helps to acquire knowledge of technology very quickly.

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